Friday, February 19, 2010

olympics weekend!

Since I have never really shown an interest in the Winter Olympics before, I am a little embarrassed to say that I've been totally sucked in this year! 3+ hours of TV every night this week has left me exhausted...all I want to do this weekend is get some much needed sleep and to also be somewhat productive. I do love seeing all that pretty snow up there though (seeing, not being in it). What are your plans?

(Photo via weheartit)


ali said...

haha sharon it's ok. I'm an olympic nut!!!! i've been dvring all the new episodes just so i can just sit in front of the tv and watch it!!! and fast forward through things! I don't want to miss a thing!! AAHH!! I love the olympics!!! =)

kel said...

I have to admit - I have been sucked in as well. Now that I'm on vacation and unable to sit in front of the TV for the 3+ hours myself, I have to say - I'm jonesing for some more Olympics!

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