Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sachet ornaments

Earlier this month, I was supposed to take a screenprinting & stitch class with my friend Kathy. Too bad I caught my awful bronchitis and had to miss it. But had I gone, I would have loved to make a super cute sachet ornament like one of these by Moontea. Wouldn't the heart-shaped ones be perfect for a Valentine's Day gift? Or simply just because?


amy kelinda said...

Wow, a screen printing class sounds like it would've been so much fun! I'm glad you've recovered from your bronchitis, though, that sounds awful.

ambika said...

Oh, these are adorable. I'd love to take a class like that--it's a bummer you missed it!

Sharon said...

haha it's ok, i plan on signing up for another class in the near future...maybe learn how to make rubber stamps :)

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