Monday, December 7, 2009

things that make me happy

My silver sparkly TOMS that keep my feet surprisingly warm:

A night in with the boy, eating tex-mex takeout (veggie enchiladas = yum):

His boyish grin:

And as always, sleepy Hallie curled up next to me:

It feels so good to be home :)


kathy phantastic said...

That looks like Chuy's. Is it? Let's hang out soon.

Megan said...

she blends in with the blanket!!!

Sharon said...

chuy's indeed - you know your veggie tex-mex dishes well!

amy kelinda said...

Welcome back! That's from Chuy's?! We have a few of those here too! Mmmm! Your shoes remind me of fairy slippers. Too adorable!

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