Monday, December 14, 2009

taiwan food diary

While I very much enjoyed seeing my extended family during the trip, perhaps the second best thing about visiting Taiwan (as with any Asian country) was the yummy food. There were dozens of restaurants on every block, not to mention the various 'fast food' carts that seemed to exist everywhere you looked - it was foodie heaven. And the best part was people literally ate during all times of the day (so you never had to feel bad if you had a snack craving at 2pm). Needless to say, I ate myself silly the entire time I was there...below are a few snapshots as proof:

1) Chocolate sandwich for breakfast (yes, 3 layers of chocolate-y goodness)
2) Beef noodle soup (much tastier than the ramen alternative)
3) Authentic Chinese hot-pot! You choose what meats/veggies you want and cook them yourself at the table!
4) Hello Kitty mini-cakes from the Hello Kitty bakery in Taipei
5) One of many bubble teas I had during my stay there

Starting tomorrow I'll be posting a different gift guide each day...for any of you last-minute shoppers out there (me included) :)

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kathyphantastic said...

Yay for gift guides. I love them (although I already have my gifts planned out). If this month wasn't so hectic, I'd be blogging gift guides, too.

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