Thursday, November 12, 2009

new york recap

Kyle and I had such a wonderful time in New York - it would be too hard for us to pick a favorite sight we saw or activity we we loved everything about the city. We just soaked it all in :)

Some of the highlights included:
* Sunny & cool fall weather the entire time we were there (yay for boots and hats!) *
* 2 words: Central Park. 3 more words: best. park. ever *
* Walking up and down the streets lined with gorgeous brownstones *
* Food, food and more food*
* Kyle surprising me for my birthday with dinner and a broadway play at Times Square (thanks babe!) *
* Exploring the High Line and the American Museum of Natural History*
* And finally...eating brunch at Pastis in the meatpacking district (um hello, Carrie and Aleksandr Petrovsky ate here in one of the SATC episodes!!! Yes, I'm a nerd ok?) *

But as much fun as we had, it does feel good to be home. Thanks so much for letting me share my photos with you!


amy kelinda said...

Oooo, triceratop! It sounds like you had a lot of fun and saw a lot of great sights! What play did you see?

RatsOnParade said...

What a great archive of photos you've put together from your trip too - sounds like so much fun! We loved the Highline Park when we were there too in September - and amazingly enough skipped over Central Park completely! I guess this means we'll just have to go back. :) Oh, and feel free to nerd out all you want (cuz you're not the only one!) I have a whole list of places I HAD to see that were used in TV/movies.....the Cosby Show/Huxtable's steps, anyone? ;)

Sharon said...

amy - we saw this relatively new comedy called 'superior donuts'...we really enjoyed it as it was both hilarious and touching at times.

ratsonparade - omigosh there are no words to describe the high line...i only wish i could see how beautiful it must be when there is snow on the ground :)

kathy phantastic said...

I think I spy a J. Crew jacket in photo number 6.

Sharon said...

yep! i had been stalking it for months...i heart jcrew.

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