Monday, November 9, 2009

happy monday

Hello! I am back from our mini vacation in New still a little tired and with sore legs and feet that I can barely move, but boy was my belly sure happy. One thing I did notice while riding the subway and walking around the city was the abundance of Ugg boots everywhere - I mean what's not to love*, they are super comfortable and keep your feet oh-so-warm-and-toasty...but for some reason I always thought they were just a fad. Apparently not!

*I don't actually own real Uggs, but rather inexpensive Target imitation knock-offs which I still love. Maybe it's time for me to finally invest in a pair though?

(Photo by weheartit)


amy kelinda said...

This is going to sound like blasphemy to Ugg lovers, BUT... I loathe Uggs! Sure they keep your feet toasty, but for snowy conditions where your feet would actually need extra shearling-boot warmth, they're absolutely useless! I know I'm in the minority here because a lot of my friends and family own Uggs, but they get a pass from me in favor of my trusty leather boots and some thick knit socks. :)

I'm excited to hear about your NYC adventure, though! I'll overlook the Uggs, haha!

Sharon said...

haha no worries...i prefer my leather boots too! it was surprising to me just how popular they are up in the northeast though...i guess in fashion, anything can be trendy :)

amy kelinda said...

case in point, fashion mags trying to bring back harem pants. AUGH!

Sharon said...

harem pants = ew

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