Friday, October 9, 2009

sleepy weekend

I've been a little overwhelmed from work and thinking about wedding stuff recently (just thinking about ideas, not even planning yet!)...and have already had a few sleepless nights this week. So here's to an entire weekend dedicated to sleep for me - please wake me up come Monday morning. See you next week!

(Photo by Jen Gotch)


amy kelinda said...

Aww, take a deserved rest! And ooo, thinking about wedding plans! How exciting! The inner girly-girl in me is squealing just imagining bridal gowns and floral arrangements - and it's not even my wedding, haha!

Mel-o-dy said...

oooh I like those! I wonder if they are soft lol...did you get to listen to the music that I posted??

runi said...

haha, funny post sb

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