Thursday, September 10, 2009

vintage suitcase

I love the old fashioned appeal of a vintage suitcase...there is so much history behind each one.
RoundTrip makes them a little more "modern" by hand drawing and hand painting recycled handbags and luggage. How cool (and easy) would it be to spot one of these in a baggage claim?

P.S. I also love these matryoshka dolls!


amy kelinda said...

OMG. I want one! Gimme! Although I pack -way too much- on any trip to fit all my stuff into one of these. I have a tweed looking vintage suitcase that I use to store my records, though. But that blue one is so adorable! I need it!

Sharon said...

haha i know what you mean - i'm the same way when it comes to packing...but i don't care, i need all 6 pairs of shoes for one weekend ;)

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