Wednesday, September 2, 2009

vegan for a day

Kyle took me to the Spiral Diner & Bakery this past weekend in Fort Worth and it was delicious (especially for vegan food!). I ordered the classic veggie burger complete with smiley face sauce, yum! The best part about the whole experience was that our waiter looked and sounded just like Macaulay Culkin, but with curly brown hair (he also said phrases such as "totally rad" and "party hard"). I did miss the cheese on my burger though...

Thanks Kathy for the reco!


amy kelinda said...

I'm officially going to incorporate the phrase "totally rad" into my daily vocabulary.

That meal may be vegan, but it looks totally rad! :D

runi said...

mmm that looks good! too bad you couldn't sneak a picture of kevin mcallister :) i love how home alone plays every'll never get old

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