Monday, July 27, 2009

weekend recap!

A few snapshots from this past weekend:

1) Our lemony-zucchini-goat-cheese pizza! (see previous post)
2) Me & RayAnn...Kyle's 2nd cousin, aka the cutest girl in the whole wide world.
3) Kyle's family lounging in the pool (obviously there was no shortage of beer or hats).
4) Soaking our feet :)
5) Kyle trying to have an intelligent thought...after 7 hours of sun.
6) Yummy chicken & waffles the next morning (oh how I love brunch!).

Hope your weekend was as crazy, exhausting and absolutely wonderful as mine was. Happy Monday!


Megan said...

those waffles look so good!

Sharon said...

yes, they were delicious!!

ambika said...

Cute, cute polaroids! It was 100 here so I'm wishing I'd gone swimming!

runi said...

i recognized your feet immediately! really pretty pictures!!

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