Friday, June 19, 2009

happy father's day + weekly favorites

Will you be doing anything special for your dad this weekend? Instead of my usual 'weekly favorite' finds from this week, I thought I'd share my personal favorite gift ideas for father's day (in case there are any last-minute shoppers out there)!

- Gorgeous, cotton floral & gingham ties...not to mention they're personalized (above)!

- A cute little portable grill for the backyard. Okay fine, here's a more manly one :)

- Tell him to jump off a cliff or maybe hit a few.

- Now's his chance to learn a new "language".

- Mmmmm bacon.

Have a fun weekend with your dad - see you Monday!


toast said...

What adorable ties! I'd like one for myself too! ;) The grill is ridiculously adorable, although I'm sure my dad would give me the most "are you serious?" look if I presented that to him. He's one of those macho cooks - he likes his grills big, just like his cuts of steak! I guess that's why he lives in Texas. :)

Sharon said...

haha yes, you can never mess with Texas men and their steak!!
and i love the ties too...everyone always looks so cute when they wear gingham :)

Anonymous said...

Sharon, you are too fabulous. Your finds are great! You must be the best gift-giver!

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