Tuesday, May 5, 2009

color accents

In college, me and my 2 roommates (Kristin & Runi) rented an adorable little duplex house - where we had the sudden urge to paint 3 accent walls of our living room in 3 different shades of blue (well, Kristin did most of the painting...I 'supervised'). Even today I still love the idea of using a bright color to really make a room "pop"...how fabulous is this apartment on the Upper East Side? So bright and cheery!

(Borrowed from black.white.yellow and NYmag)


toast said...

I love the yellow one! Mmmm, so sunny! I bet it really makes rainy days much more bearable.

runi said...

this is very helpful, sb...come help me decorate!...just like old times!

ambika said...

That last room is so gorgeous. I've been fantasizing about wallpaper as distinctive, just for a single wall. Someday.

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