Monday, June 1, 2009

bull dogs & bow ties

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - I had an amazing time hanging out with good friends, eating desserts and even seeing this
movie (w/ 3-D glasses!)...omigosh I loved it so much and definitely recommend!

And speaking of omigosh, I just about died from cuteness when I saw these...take a look at Opening Ceremony's latest bow tie models! Just look at those pink tongues :)

(Borrowed from Refinery 29)


toast said...

Up was such a great movie! It had a wonderful story and stunning graphics. I just wanted to reach out and pet Doug! ^^

That dog on the bottom left is totally modeling its heart out. It knows it looks good!

Sharon said...

haha me too, i loved doug! i hope i wasn't the only one that teared up during the first 15 minutes of the movie though...ellie aww :)

toast said...

No, I totally teared up too. :) It was such a sweet way to introduce the audience to Carl's love and loss.

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