Friday, April 10, 2009

weekly favorites list

This is me and my little sister Megan. When I say little I mean younger, because she is obviously taller than me in this photo (and in real life). She's coming down from Dallas to visit for a few days and is bringing her pet rabbit (Josie)! I can't wait...and yes, I'm always that goofy-looking when I'm with her :)

Also, here a few things that I didn't get a chance to post about this week:

- Say goodbye to countless sticky notes and hello to

- Vintage + cowgirl + Dorothy =
cute shoes

- Who would have thought a
spoonful of cinnamon could be this funny?

- An oldie but a goodie 'best-of-craigslist'

- I wouldn't mind cruising around in
this for spring

Happy Easter & enjoy your weekend!


runi said...

i'm using all of my restraint right now not to read that "best of craigslist" story...if i'm laughing, my bosses will definitely know i'm not working...dang

toast said...

Ewww, a spoonful of cinnamon? Who comes up with these ideas?

And I have a "younger sister" too! She's 9 years younger than me and is taller. How unfair!

Happy Easter! :)

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