Thursday, April 30, 2009

rainbow colors

Lately I've been drawn to colorful things...maybe because it's been so grey and gloomy here weather-wise recently. Below are some that I've been craving for - if only my pocketbook wasn't so sad and empty.

'Map of Europe' rainbow t-shirt - add this, this and this and you've got yourself a cute outfit!

Handwoven raffia "Opal" clutch (would look so perfect with a white summer dress).

Italian leather-bound Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - book smarts AND style!

P.S. Also, would it be wrong to want to wear these? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much :)


toast said...

Those are the best-looking dictionaries I have ever seen. Is it absurd that I now want a leather-bound dictionary?

ambika said...

That clutch is absolutely to die for. What a great find.

runi said...

hooray! so glad you like the rainbow clutch! your bday is coming up and those suspenders are TDF (to die for) :) hahaha

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