Tuesday, April 21, 2009

do-it-yourself hermes bag

So it seems it's a double dose of fashion for today...if you've ever wondered what it would feel like to own an Hermes Kelly bag, search no more - their website lets you print and "make" your very own out of paper for free (though you kind of have to search for it)! I like the idea of using one to "wrap" a gift vs. the usual wrapping paper...

Choose from 9 designs - I especially love the 'clouds' and the 'rainbow' (above) ones best. Though I'm pretty sure the 'skulls' design was meant for my friend Kelly (she's crazy for skulls!).


toast said...

That is hilarious! How big are they, though? I'm assuming pretty small unless they expect you to have some kind of super printer?

PS. I had no idea you were a fellow Texan. :)

Sharon said...

probably pretty small...but they would make great gift bags! :)

and yes i am! been in austin for 13 years...which part of texas are you from?

toast said...

They'd be super cute as little goody bags too. :)

I'm from Houston, but have been to Austin to visit friends at UT. It's a totally different vibe there from Houston. ^^

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