Monday, February 16, 2009

i really love breakfast.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, because it's what wakes me up from my post-sleep, semi-groggy state...not to mention there are so many options that you really can't go wrong.

That's why I love Jon Huck's photographs of real people and what they eat for breakfast.

While I can occasionally relate to the guy who eats pizza in the morning, there are some strange ones too (i.e. guy with toast topped with avocado slices)? I admit, my typical daily breakfast looks something like this:

Oh and you can even order the coffee table book as a gift!


Anonymous said...

cereal muncher!

iWoo said...

A friend introduced me to toast (on quality bread) with ajvar (chili/eggplant spread) and avocado. It's AWESOME. You can put a bit of fresh ground black pepper and some sea salt on top too.

The series of photos are totally charming though, thanks for reminding me about them :)

You didn't mention your favourite cereal!

Sharon said...

hmm is that a canadian thing? :)though i do love the sound of an eggplant spread...

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